Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck talks to media on the first day of training camp - July 23, 2014



Butt Ugly on day 1 of camp


Stanford shorts.

Butt Ugly dork 24-7


Andrew Luck talks IU football. 

Close your eyes and imagine this dork saying “Putt the lotion in the basket”

Talking about Andrew Luck:


Me: And he’s so cool and down to Earth sounding!
My friend Shelby: Yeah, I think he and Russell Wilson are awesome.
Me: I don’t even think he has Twitter.
Shelby: Is he Mormon?
Me: No? Mormons can have Twitter!


Did the topic of him being Butt-Ugly come up?


Robert Quinn with the forced fumble, Chris Long recovers and runs it in for 6.



Very cute look

Raise your hands if you are butt-ugly.

Raise both if you are butt-fucking ugly

I’m starting to understand it.

Buttugly girls like buttugly guys.

Makes sense


Fan picture, but the fan is completely oblivious to who Andrew is.

Not Michael Phelps, but just as butt ugly

Stanford likes them butt-ugly boys.