Yeah, you’re butt ugly we get it.

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Butt Fucking Ugly

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck talks to media on the first day of training camp - July 23, 2014



Butt Ugly on day 1 of camp


Stanford shorts.

Butt Ugly dork 24-7


Andrew Luck talks IU football. 

Close your eyes and imagine this dork saying “Putt the lotion in the basket”

Talking about Andrew Luck:


Me: And he’s so cool and down to Earth sounding!
My friend Shelby: Yeah, I think he and Russell Wilson are awesome.
Me: I don’t even think he has Twitter.
Shelby: Is he Mormon?
Me: No? Mormons can have Twitter!


Did the topic of him being Butt-Ugly come up?


Robert Quinn with the forced fumble, Chris Long recovers and runs it in for 6.



Very cute look

Raise your hands if you are butt-ugly.

Raise both if you are butt-fucking ugly

I’m starting to understand it.

Buttugly girls like buttugly guys.

Makes sense